Week 13

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Computer Keyboarding 1 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Unit 7 Test
Academic Report
40 minutes

Never take an actual document processing test on campus until you have successfully completed the practice document processing tests! You will not be prepared!
  • You must schedule your on-campus test with an Instructional Assistant. I will e-mail you all details. 
  • You have only one chance at passing this test, so be prepared. Bring your books with you.
  • If you haven't taken this test by the end of next week, an automatic 10% late penalty will be enforced. For example, if you earned an A+ but the test was late, your grade would be lowered to a B+.
  • Absolutely no production tests will be given after the last day of class or on the day of the final examno exceptions! 
Lesson 38: D-E (continued)

Lesson 38-D, Column Headings

38-E, TableAlign Bottom, Table—Center Horizontally, and Table—Center Page
 Table—Align Bottom; Table—Center Horizontally; Table—Center Page.
Table 38-8, Open Table

Table 38-11, Open Table

Lesson 39: A-I

Lesson 39-G+, Language Arts
Repeat this drill until you have 2 errors maximum.

Lesson 39-H, Ruled Tables With Number Columns
Lesson 39-I, Word Processing: TableAlign Text Right and Table—Borders, Ruled
 Table—Align Text Right; Table—Borders, Ruled.
Table 39-12, Ruled Table, Proofreading Check
Table 39-14, Ruled Table
Lesson 40: A-D

Lesson 40-D, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 36/4e

Lesson 41: A-C only
Lesson 42: A-C only

Lesson 42-C, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 36/3e

  • Your error limit will now be reduced from 4 to 3, which means you are not penalized for making any errors up to 3. Try to type at a steady, comfortable rate as you progress through the timed writing and reduce your errors from 4 to 3.
  • After 3 errors, you may correct errors or just try to slow down for control. If correcting errors after you have reached your maximum limit helps you relax, please do so. If correcting errors distracts you or slows you down too much, try to slow down slightly for control.