Week 12

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Computer Keyboarding 1 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Unit 7 Practice Test
Report 35-9, Academic
Report (multipage; list; rough draft)
40 minutes (+2)

This document has been designated as a practice test because it is very similar to the actual document processing test you will take when you come on campus next week. Use Start Work to begin from a blank Word screen, and type the practice test. Your goal is to have zero Keystroking Errors and correct formatting when you click Submit Work and to complete the job within the time limit. When you come on campus for your actual test, you will be required to do the same.

YOU MAY NOT EDIT A PRACTICE TEST! If you exit and find you had any errors, use Start Work (not Edit Work) to retype the document from a blank screen. You may restart a practice test as many times as you want to and you should. This is how you prepare yourself for the actual test in which you are allowed only one attempt.

  • Use Start Work to create Report 35-9; correct all typos and formatting errors.
  • Exit and use Browse and Submit Work. If you have any errors, use Start Work to begin from a blank Word screen, and try again.
  • If you have zero errors, check Time Spent in the Portfolio to be sure you are within the time limit.  Time Spent begins when you click Start Work and ends when the file name appears in the Browse box after clicking Browse. Therefore, work efficiently as you open, close, save, and browse to your finished job. I will allow 2 extra minutes for these activities; so if your Time Spent is 42 minutes, for example, you're still within an acceptable time limit.

Note: When you come in for testing next week, you will have only one Start Work attempt on the test. Your goal is to have zero Keystroking Errors and correct formatting when you click Submit Work to score the document within the time limit. 

MC900441397[1]Tip: Because printouts include instructor comments, consider printing to use the job details as a study guide, particularly for any practice tests. From My GDP, Portfolio, expand the desired annotated job; click Details; scroll to the bottom of the job window, and click Print.
Lesson 36: A-F

Lesson 36-C, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 35/4e

  • Your error limit will now be reduced from 5 to 4, which means you are not penalized for making any errors up to 4. Try to type at a steady, comfortable rate as you progress through the timed writing and reduce your errors from 5 to 4.
  • After 4 errors, you may correct errors or just try to slow down for control. If correcting errors after you have reached your maximum limit helps you relax, please do so. If correcting errors distracts you or slows you down too much, try to slow down slightly for control. 
Lesson 36-D, Basic Parts of a Table

Lesson 36-E, Tables

Lesson 36-F: TableInsert and Table—AutoFit to Contents
Table—Insert; Table—AutoFit to Contents

Table 36-1, Boxed Table

Table 36-2, Boxed Table
Lesson 37: A-F

Lesson 37-D+, Language Arts
Repeat this drill until you have two errors maximum.

Lesson 37-E, Table Heading Block

Lesson 37-F: TableMerge Cells and Borders
 Table—Merge Cells; Table—Borders.
Table 37-5, Open Table
Table 37-6, Open Table
Lesson 38: A-E (to be continued next week)

Lesson 38-C, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 35/4e