Week 11

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Computer Keyboarding 1 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Lesson 33: H-K (continued)

Lesson 33-H, Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Lesson 33-I, Business Reports With Lists
Click here for a review of list formatting.

Lesson 33-J, Basic Proofreaders' Marks
Study the examples closely, especially the one for "New paragraph."

Lesson 33-K: Bullets and Numbering
Bullets; Numbering.
Report 33-5, Business Report  
Lesson 34: A-H 

Lesson 34-D, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 34/5e

Lesson 34-E, Basic Parts of an Academic Reports

Lesson 34-F, Academic Reports

Lesson 34-G, Academic Reports With Lists

Lesson 34-H: Line Spacing
Line Spacing.
Report 34-7, Academic Report, Proofreading Check
Lesson 35: A-F

Lesson 35-D+, Language Arts
Repeat this drill until you have 2 errors maximum.

Lesson 35-E, More Proofreaders' Marks

Lesson 35-F: Cut, Copy, and Paste
Cut and Copy; Paste.
Report 35-10, Business Report