Week 10

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Computer Keyboarding 1 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Unit 6 Test
Letter and Envelope
25 minutes

Never take an actual document processing test until you have successfully completed the practice document processing test! You will not be prepared.
  • You must schedule your on-campus test with an Instructional Assistant. I will e-mail you all details. 
  • You have only one chance at passing this test, so be prepared. Bring your books with you.
  • If you haven't taken this test by the end of next week, an automatic 10% late penalty will be enforced. For example, if you earned an A+ but the test was late, your grade would be lowered to a B+.
Lesson 31: A-H

Lesson 31-D+, Language Arts
Repeat this drill until you have 2 errors maximum.

Lesson 31-E, Basic Parts of a Business Report

Lesson 31-F, Business Reports

Lesson 31-G, Business Reports With Side Headings

Lesson 31-H: Alignment and Font—Size
 Alignment; Font—Size.
Report 31-1Business Report, Proofreading Check
Lesson 32: A-F

Lesson 32-C, 3-Minute Timed Writing
TW Goal: 33/5e

Lesson 32-D, Multipage Business Reports

Lesson 32-E, Business Reports With Paragraph Headings

Lesson 32-F: Page Number, Page Break, and Widow/Orphan Control
 Page Number; Page Break; Widow/Orphan Control.
Report 32-3, Business Report
Lesson 33: A-G (to be continued next week)

Lesson 33-G+, Language Arts
Repeat this drill until you have 2 errors maximum.