Manage Files in Windows 7

Find, Open, Print, Delete; New Folder


To find the file you downloaded previously (Progress_Folder.doc):

  1. Click the Windows Start button; in the Start Search box, begin typing the name of the downloaded file (Progress_Folder.doc).
  2. As you type, a list under Documents will display, and the desired file should display.


  1. Right-click the desired file, and note the choices of Open, Print, Copy, Delete, etc.
  2. Click Open to open, Print to print or Delete to delete.

Note: There are many other ways to search using Windows 7. Click here for details on Windows 7.


  1. Press Windows + M to show the Desktop.

  2. Right-click on an open space on the Desktop, and click New, Folder.

  3. With New Folder still highlighted in the folder name box, type GDPFILES; press Enter.

  4. Double-click the folder to open Windows Explorer; click inside the Address box to display and highlight the directory path.