Use E-mail:

Sending, Attachments, and Saving

  1. Open your browser and launch and open your e-mail account. (These steps are for Hotmail, but most e-mail providers are very similar in basic functionality and include extensive help via their Help button.) Type in your browser's address box, browse to the log-in page for Hotmail, and sign in.
  2. In Hotmail, click Hotmail from the menu.
  3. On the top right of that screen, click Show Cc & Bcc.
  4. Click Options; under Customize your mail, click Save sent messages; under Save sent messages, click Save all sent messages in the Sent items folder; click Save.
  5. Click Go to inbox on the left side; click New.
  6. In the To box, type my e-mail address.
  7. In the Cc (Copy box), type your e-mail address to save a copy of this e-mail unless you have set Hotmail to save sent files automatically.
  8. In the Subject box, type your first and last name, and Tutorial.
  9. For purposes of this tutorial only, attach the Progress Folder you downloaded to the Desktop earlier: under the Subject box, click Attachments.
  10. In the dialog box that opens, browse to the desired file, and click Open to attach the file that you saved on the Desktop.
  11. Type a brief message to me in the message box.
  12. Click Send on the menu to send the e-mail and attachment. You should see a prompt confirming that your message has been sent.
  13. Save all e-mails from me until you are sure your grades are properly recorded and you have finished completely with an assignment.
  14. To reply to an e-mail from me, click Inbox in the left pane; double-click the desired e-mail to open it; then click Reply from the menu. Be sure that the original message is part of the reply.