Download Files

Note: Steps may vary depending upon the browser in use; follow the prompts that appear in your browser to practice downloading, opening, and saving files.
  • Click Progress Folder to download the Progress Folder Word file and open it in your browser.

  • To save the file to your computer, right-click Progress Folder, and click Save Target As. In the Save As window, click the Desktop icon in the left panel to save the file to the Windows Desktop or browse to the desired directory; click Save. When the download is complete, click Open to open the Progress Folder or Close to do nothing.

  • In Windows Vista or Windows 7, click Progress Folder and a tab will open at the bottom left of your browser window with the file name displayed or a dialog box with an Open button will appear; click that link or click Open, and the file will open in Word. You can then save it as desired. Save it to the Desktop as you will be using it later in this tutorial.