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Computer Keyboarding 1 Online
(Specific information is intended as an example only.)

Submit Questionnaire Type Your Lessons

Get Ready

Review Portfolio and Check Annotations

Attend the Mandatory Orientation Submit Work

Read Week 1 Assignment Sheet

Exit GDP

Initial GDP Log On

Working at a Second Location
Check Resources

Submit Questionnaire

  • If you haven't submitted the Questionnaire yet, click  to do this now or it will be impossible for us to communicate. Click here to download the Questionnaire.
  • When you have completed the questionnaire, e-mail it to me. If you have problems downloading or sending me the form, e-mail me.

Get Ready

Attend the Mandatory Orientation 

  • Attend one of the mandatory orientations. See your Schedule of Classes for details. Everything you need to know to get started will be explained and demonstrated.

Read the Week 1 Assignment Sheet

  • Read the information on the Week 1 assignments page carefully! In a traditional class, I would use the information on those pages as a lesson plan for my instruction to you for that week.
  • To succeed in an online class, you must read these weekly assignment sheets diligently and follow directions.

Initial GDP Log On

(This information applies to Los Angeles City College only. Contact your instructor for details for your own school.)

Click here for the Student Registration Guide, which includes all details for logging on initially. Basically, if your instructor has pre-enrolled you in the system, you will go to (or the URL for your own school) and type in the case-sensitive username and password, which was automatically e-mailed to you when your instructor pre-enrolled you. Follow the prompts to fill in a Registration Code, which should be bundled with your textbook. If it is not bundled with your textbook, you must purchase it separately. You can purchase it online at the GDP log-on screen. Under New GDP Student?, click I Want to Buy Online Now.

If your instructor has not pre-enrolled you into GDP, you will follow the steps on the Student Registration Guide, and type the case-sensitive Registration Code in all caps exactly as it appears on the back of the software registration card, including any hyphensócodes do not contain ones or zeros.

Check Resources

In GDP if you see a number bubble next to My GDP, click My GDP, Resources, to review any Student Resources I may have posted for you. If you have already reviewed any posted resources, you don't need to do it again. Just know that you can find all the required handouts and links for the course directly from My GDP, Resources.

Type Your Lessons

To begin working in GDP, click the Lessons button and the Part tab on the left. Click the desired Unit button to expand it and the desired lesson number to expand the lesson. Complete the lesson in order following the on-screen and textbook directions and your weekly assignment sheet. You are responsible for checking due dates on your assignment sheet and submitting your work to me on time.

If you have not yet purchased your textbook click WEEK 1: Unit 1, Lessons 1-5 to download a PDF file for these lessons for printing. You are still responsible for buying your supplies as soon as possible, but this file will help you get started the first couple of weeks.

Review Portfolio and Check Annotations

  • In GDP, click My GDP, Portfolio, to review your work.

  • Under the Date column, click the right arrow next to each submission to expand it. Click the Details button to view Annotations and keystrokes. If you are reviewing a document processing job after Week 7, click View in Word to open the job in Word.

  • To review only annotated work: click Advanced Filter Off; in the Filter Student Portfolio dialog box, check Annotated only; click OK.

  • To return to your work, click the Lessons button.

Submit Work

Skillbuilding is submitted to me automatically without any special steps. Document processing jobs begin in Week 7 with Lesson 21. I will explain how to submit these jobs at that time.

Exit GDP

Click on the Close (X) button to exit GDP.

Working at a Second Location

Because GDP is completely Web based, you can work anywhere you have a computer with a high-speed Internet connection and Internet Explorer or Firefox. Simply log on at and do the following:

  • To work on skillbuilding from a second location, no special steps are needed because skillbuilding is uploaded automatically. After you log on, GDP will open to the same screen you were on when you closed it.

  • To work on document processing jobs, which begin Week 7 with Lesson 21, you must use Browse to upload work to the Web site. Then, when you move to a second location, you can use Edit Work to continue. See Week 7 for all details.


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